Is the Reolink Solar Camera the Ultimate Wireless Security Camera?

As a homeowner concerned with security, you want the best technology available to monitor your property.

You need a system that provides maximum coverage and connectivity without the hassle of wires or cables.

The Reolink solar camera offers a compelling wireless solution for whole-home security.

With a built-in rechargeable battery and solar panel, this camera requires no wiring for installation and can be placed virtually anywhere on your property.

The Reolink seamlessly integrates with an existing WiFi network to provide live streaming and recording access from your mobile device or computer.

For comprehensive monitoring without the cost or inconvenience of professional installation, the Reolink solar camera deserves your consideration as a premier DIY home security system.

With crystal clear HD video, night vision, and weather resistance, this could be the ultimate wireless security camera for your needs.

Introducing the Reolink Solar Camera

Key Features

The Reolink Solar Camera is a wireless security camera powered entirely by solar energy. It has the following main features:

  1. Solar-powered. The built-in solar panel uses sunlight to charge the battery during the day so the camera can operate 24/7 without wiring. This makes installation very easy since you don’t need to connect it to an electrical outlet.
  2. HD video quality. The camera captures video in 1080p full HD for clear footage day and night. It also has night vision up to 100 feet away.
  3. Motion detection. The camera can detect movement in the monitored area and send an alert to your phone. It starts recording a clip when motion is detected to catch what’s happening.
  4. Free cloud storage. The camera comes with free cloud storage so you can access footage anytime from the Reolink app. You can also opt to use a microSD card for local storage.
  5. Weather-resistant. The camera housing is rated IP65 weather-resistant so it can withstand exposure to elements like rain, snow and sun. It can operate in temperatures from -4°F to 122°F.
  6. Reolink app. You can view the live feed, recorded clips and adjust settings right from your phone using the Reolink app, available for both iOS and Android.
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With its convenient solar power, HD video quality, motion alerts and weather resistance, the Reolink Solar Camera can serve as an easy-to-use, all-in-one solution for monitoring any location day or night.

For hassle-free home security, this device is hard to beat.

Key Features of the Reolink Solar Camera

Reolink Security Camera

The Reolink Solar Camera offers several innovative features for an eco-friendly, wireless security camera system.

Solar Power and Rechargeable Battery

The built-in solar panel and rechargeable battery provide a self-sustaining power supply so the camera can operate continuously 24/7 without relying on AC power or hardwiring.

The solar panel absorbs sunlight during the day to charge the battery, which then powers the camera at night.

This renewable energy system is an ideal solution for remote locations where access to grid power is limited.

Two-Way Audio and Motion Detection

The camera supports two-way audio communication so you can talk with anyone near the camera using the Reolink app on your mobile device.

It also features a motion detection sensor that can trigger recording and push notifications to alert you of any suspicious activity.

Adjustable sensitivity and duration settings allow you to customize detections based on your needs.

Weather-Resistant and Vandal-Proof

A rugged, weather-resistant design protects the camera from rain, snow and extreme temperatures, while a vandal-proof casing deters tampering or damage.

The camera can operate in temperatures ranging from -4° to 140° Fahrenheit, ideal for both hot and cold climates.

Simple Installation and Integration

Installation only requires mounting the camera to a wall or pole—no wiring needed.

The Reolink app allows you to view live footage, play back recordings and control your camera using an iOS or Android smart device.

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You can also integrate the camera with third-party home automation systems.

The Reolink Solar Camera provides an innovative, eco-friendly solution for DIY home security and monitoring with its convenient wireless setup and self-powering solar energy system.

Continuous, reliable operation paired with intelligent features like motion detection make this a solid choice for an outdoor security camera.

Is the Reolink Solar Camera Right for You?

The Reolink Solar Camera is a wireless security camera that operates on solar power, eliminating the need for wiring or batteries.

It is a good option if you want an easy to install, eco-friendly camera for your home.

However, there are a few factors to consider before purchasing to determine if this solar-powered camera meets your needs.

To utilize the Reolink Solar Camera, you must have a location that receives direct sunlight for at least 3-5 hours per day to keep the internal battery fully charged.

The camera comes with a solar panel that you mount where it will get the most sun exposure.

If you live in an area with limited sunlight, the solar panel may not receive enough energy to power the camera.

In that case, you would need to hardwire the camera or choose a battery-powered model instead.

This camera works with Reolink’s NVR (network video recorder) system to enable 24/7 continuous recording and remote viewing on your mobile devices.

It has an IP65 weatherproof rating, meaning it can withstand exposure to rain and dust.

However, it is not rated for extremely cold temperatures.

If you live in a frigid climate, the battery performance may suffer in the winter.

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It is best suited for mild to warm weather conditions for optimal operation.

In summary, the Reolink Solar Camera is an excellent option if you want an eco-friendly security camera and have a suitable location to mount the solar panel where it will get plenty of sun.

However, if you have limited sunlight, extreme weather conditions or want 24/7 recording, you may need to consider a wired camera or one with rechargeable batteries instead.

With its weatherproof design and simple installation, the Reolink Solar Camera provides an easy way to monitor your home and property using the power of the sun.


As you have seen, the Reolink solar security camera provides an innovative solution for wireless home monitoring without the hassle of wiring or paying expensive electrical bills.

With its weather-resistant design, long battery life, and live viewing capabilities, this camera gives you round-the-clock peace of mind about what’s happening at your property.

While the initial upfront cost may be higher than a standard wired camera, the long term savings in energy and installation fees make the Reolink solar camera a worthwhile investment for your home security.

For convenient, eco-friendly surveillance that keeps an eye on your home even when you can’t, the Reolink solar security camera is the ultimate wireless solution for your needs.

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